Products and Services

My homework this week was, well, a few things but the most fun was making a list of the products and services I offer. Seemed like a good thing to put up here for you guys to check out. 🙂

  • Plus sized clothing, specializing in women’s fashion, up to 6XL
    • Customizable options available; get any style item in any color scheme, design and varying sizes
      • Challenge: keeping price point down; I can find fashionable blanks in plus sizes but they are expensive, ($18-22 each)
      • Looking to partner with a tailor who can make me the clothing I want
  • Upcycled thriftstore items; specializing in plus sized clothing again
    • Unique, one of a kind, vintage items, (hashtag, hashtag…)
    • Supports various causes through my sources, (The ARC, Goodwill, Salvation Army, various smaller, local thrift stores, ect)
      • Partnering opportunity with local store owners; I’m sure I can work out a deal with them so I get first pick on all the clothes I can dye.  
    • Sustainable clothing practices; reduce, reuse, recycle
    • I will upcycle YOUR clothes for a small fee. I encourage my customers to support their local thrift stores and bring me the items they find. I’ll make them exactly how I they want for about $10-20 an item. (the more complex the design the more expensive it is. Most of the time it’s a very easy design)
  • Specialty Items; Dog accessories, (bandanas, shirts, collar and leash, all made in the USA), Yoga and workout clothes, custom shirts for concert venues, (Dark side of the Moon shirts, detailed sewn designs that will be $65+)
    • Challenge: plus sized workout clothes that are dyable, and affordable.
    • Collars come in 3 sizes and are made in the USA with hemp.
    • My yoga pants are soft, are available in sizes up to 3XL and are stunningly beautiful when they’re dyed. Also, I can make Chakra yoga pants
  • Tapestries
    • Backdrops for bands
    • Stunning wall and ceiling coverings
    • Custom ordering available; I can do most custom sizes, colors and designs
  • Parties and events
    • I have hosted many tie dye classes at schools; great for kids of all ages.
    • Kids take their shirts home with washing instructions; easily rinses out in the kitchen sink.
    • Perfect for summer camps and birthday parties
    • Baby showers! Every guest can make a onesie for the new baby. I provide a variety of sizes; newborn – 24 months. Customizable options available as well.
      • Still working out an appropriate cost for these parties. They are quite a lot of work.
  • “Floyd” the party bus: I’m not really sure if Floyd is a product or service; I guess he’s part of the customer relationship and distribution part, and marketing, but I still want to put him down here.
    • Floyd will be a mobile clothing boutique with dressing room, racks, shelving and storage, made from a converted RTD minibus
    • Floyd will have a kickass paintjob with Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon tributes running throughout. There will be a growing collection of Pink Floyd memorabilia on the inside as well.
    • I want my Dark Side of the Rainbow bus to be an EXPERIENCE; an elevated version of the Grateful Dead hippie bus, (because this is Pink Floyd, NOT the Dead). There will be LED lights on the inside and a killer sound system, and an extensive MP3 collection.
    • Anywhere a food truck parks I should be able to park; concert venues, bars, breweries, craft fairs, local events, the summer free concert series at the parks,
      • I’ve already set up at plenty of Northglenn events and know the event staff.
      • Establishing connections with the grateful dead themed bars in Denver; Bee on Key and Sancho’s Arrow.
      • Connections with Evergreen event committee from Bluegrass festival 2 years ago.
      • Looking to establish plenty more connections like this: @ Redrocks, with specific local bands, really want to infiltrate the local music scene that’s booming right now.
    • Floyd should help me take advantage of the Marijuana industry and culture that is booming right now also.
  • Website
    • I want to streamline the tie dye designs I offer, hone my skills and really excel at what I’m good at. I have started a blog on Word Press that I can easily pay a subscription fee for and make it a full website. This blog is tracking my progress, allowing me to connect with some longtime fans, and sharing the knowledge I’m gathering.
    • My website will basically be a custom-ordering online catalog. “I want a 4XL, long sleeve shirt with a blue, green and purple spiral”. I won’t have to spend a ton of time taking pictures of each individual item I make, I can have examples and color samples, then my customers can have their clothes exactly the way they want them.
    • The website will also have an event calendar that will track Floyd as he moves around the state/country
    • A mailing list will also be available, so customers can stay up to date as well.

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